B-well Canola & Olive Oil Blend 1L

B-well Canola & Olive Oil Blend 1L

Southern Oil

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B-well Canola & Olive Blended Oil - the unique benefits of B-well Canola Oil combined with the taste of carefully selected extra virgin olive oil to produce a quality oil with a beautiful olive taste profile.  Perfect for use at all temperatures, drizzled over salads or sizzling in the frying pan, the versatility of this oil is your perfect partner in the kitchen.


Vegetable Oil (Canola Seed 85%, Olive Fruit 15%)

Endorsement: Halaal, Kosher

B-well products are produced by Southern Oil, based in Swellendam.  All B-well canola oil-based products are 100% GMO free and Southern Oil takes pride in this fact and the support to local farmers who grows the canola crops that are GMO free.