Cecilia's Farm Turkish Apricots 250g

Cecilia's Farm Turkish Apricots 250g

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Turkish Apricots - Choice Grade Dried Fruit

The Cecilia’s Farm range was born on the farm Koelfontein in the Ceres valley of South Africa.

These sweet Turkish apricots come from the Malatya region in Turkey. About 95% of the world’s dried Turkish apricots come from here, where they are irrigated from the Euphrates River that has it’s origin in the surrounding Anatolian Mountains. Other than the different flavour profiles, what makes these apricots different from the Royals we grow locally is that they are dried whole rather than halved first and then dried. In Turkey apricots are often grown and sun-dried by small-scale family-run orchards using traditional methods, before they are shipped off around the world – some of which end up right here in Cecilia’s Farm.


Turkish Apricots, Preservative: Sulphur dioxide

Certified Halaal