Santa Anna's Organic Corn Chips 250g

Santa Anna's Organic Corn Chips 250g

Santa Anna's

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Santa Anna’s Organic Corn Chips are hand cut from their delicious tortillas, and fried in de-flavoured coconut oil – boasting what they like to call “the healthiest chip on the planet”, made from organic corn, naturally gluten free, high in fibre and lower in carbohydrates than wheat.

Perfect on the go snack or pair with some saucy salsa and home-made guacamole!


Organic Corn, Organic Vegetable Oil (Coconut), Water, Salt, Calcium hydroxide (Lime), 

What Santa Anna's says about their process

To unlock the nutrients in the corn, we soak it in calcium hydroxide, produced from natural limestone, which changes the structure of corn through the ancient Mesoamerican process of nixtamalization. We process the resulting nixtamal (corn cooked in lime water) the same way that it has been done for the last 4000 years: grind it with volcanic stones to produce masa (corn dough), turn the masa into tortillas, and hand-cut them before frying them into our golden corn chips. The final touch is lightly seasoning the chips with Oryx Desert Salt.

Where does Santa Anna source its organic corn from?

We source our organically grown corn from Lowerland, a regenerative family farm near Prieska. The farm prepares a diverse mix of cover crops and puts it under high-density mob grazing by cattle to add fertility. Our corn is then green planted directly into the live cover crop as mulch. Lowerland uses only non-GMO grain varieties and fertility and pest control is achieved through cover cropping, natural and biological applications, and rotational cropping. Every May our golden corn is harvested, coated in diatomaceous earth for natural pest control, and transported to us.