ButtaNutt Oat Milk 1L

Malans Dairy

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A delightfully delicious and creamy South African oat milk. Made with simple ingredients, this malty milk is sure to become a daily staple.


Water, gluten-free oats (8%), canola oil, salt, dipotassium phosphate, calcium carbonate

  • Diary free
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan

Endorsements: Halaal, Kosher

Packaging: 100% Recyclable

Serving suggestions

Enjoy in soothing golden lattes or velvety flat whites. Pour over granola, use in smoothies or drink straight up.


ButtaNutt has always strived to use pure, simple ingredients. For this reason, we want you to understand all the ingredient choices.

DIPOTASSIUM PHOSPHATE is a water-soluble mineral salt and source of potassium. Its main role here is to control the pH of the milk, keep it stable and creamy.

CANOLA OIL is a non-GMO vegetable oil derived from the rapeseed plant. It is locally sourced, has a neutral flavour and is high in monounsaturated fat. We have added Canola oil to match the fat content and creamy richness of whole milk.

CALCIUM CARBONATE is a mineral compound added as a source of calcium to build and protect your bones.