Cecilia's Farm Mango Slices 125g

Cecilia's Farm Mango Slices 125g

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Mango Slices - Choice Grade Dried Fruit

The Cecilia’s Farm range was born on the farm Koelfontein in the Ceres valley of South Africa.

Most of South Africa’s mangoes are grown in the Lowveld, the subtropical part of the country below the Drakensberg escarpment and along the Kruger National Park. Cecelia’s Farm mangoes are dried in Hoedspruit and Musina. The two cultivars of mango that are best suited for drying are Keitt and Kent. The laborious task of peeling off the skin, removing the flesh from the pip and cutting it into long strips is all done by hand before drying - all worth the effort as the final result is fabulously tasty!


Mango, Preservative: Sulphur dioxide

Certified Halaal