Darling Olive Paste 120g

Darling Olive Paste 120g

Darling Olives

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Olives (97%). Vegetable Oil (Olive Fruit Virgin Extract), Reconstituted Lemon Concentrate, Reconstituted Garlic Concentrate, Preservative: Pimaricin

May contain pips

Whether enjoyed on a cracker, spooned onto hot pasta, or spread on a pizza, Darling Olive Paste will add a rich olive flavour to whatever you pair it with. It works particularly well with meat – in fact, the combination is simply delicious.

The Darling Olive estate cultivates "Mission" dry land olives. The trees gets the cool Atlantic breeze and rain and are never irrigated. The olives are therefore not artificially fattened with water, but the roots of the trees grow deep into the soil for moisture, resulting in healthy and very tasty olives.