Farmyard Large Eggs 30 Pack

Farmyard Large Eggs 30 Pack

Windmeul Eggs

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Meet the latest range in the Windmeul egg basket.

“With the FARMYARD Egg range, Windmeul stays faithful to nature by feeding hens the very best raw materials that we can source and mix in our own feed mill. Because hens are omnivorous, and cannot survive on a diet of grass alone, we need to make a feed available that meets their very specific nutritional requirements. As such, it is free from hormones, antibiotics and pesticides”.

Windmeul Eggs founded in 1978, with the goal to produce and market high quality farm-fresh eggs. Over the years, Windmeul Eggs has established a world-class quality pack station adhering to stringent quality assurance protocols. Windmeul packs a range of eggs such as Humpty Dumpty® eggs, PnP’s free-range, All-grain® and Canola eggs®.