Komati Foods Chia Seeds 100g

Komati Foods Chia Seeds 100g

Komati Foods

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Chia Seeds

Endorsements:  Halaal, Kosher

Product of Paraguay packed in South Africa

What are these little seeds?

Chia seeds are the edible seeds of Salvia hispanica, a flowering plant in the sage family native to central and southern Mexico. Its origin is believed to be in Central America where the seed was a staple in the ancient Aztec diet. The seeds are hydrophilic, absorbing up to 12 times their weight in liquid when soaked and developing a mucilaginous coating that gives chia-based foods and beverages a distinctive gel texture.

Dried chia seeds contain 6% water, 42% carbohydrates, 16% protein, and 31% fat. Chia seeds are a rich source of B vitamins, thiamin and niacin and a moderate source of riboflavin and folate. Several dietary minerals are in rich content, including calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, and zinc.

Unlike flax seeds, whole chia seeds do not need to be ground because the seed coat is delicate and readily digested, possibly improving nutrient bioavailability.