Green Rooibos Strawberry & Lemon 50g (20 tea bags)

Green Rooibos Strawberry & Lemon 50g (20 tea bags)

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Rooibos tea from ‘The Rooibos Capital’, the picturesque and historic town of Clanwilliam, grows naturally in this mountainous Cederberg region. 


Green Rooibos and Strawberry and Lemon flavour

Endorsements:  Halaal, Kosher

Green rooibos, also called unfermented rooibos, is a caffeine-free tea and has a slightly sweeter taste and higher antioxidant content than regular rooibos. It is also a great anti-inflammatory and digestive tonic. Green rooibos is dried right after harvesting to preserve the colour, flavour and antioxidants.

Green rooibos is not a green tea. Only the Camellia sinensis plant is used for making white, green, yellow, oolong and black teas. Green Rooibos tea comes from the African bush Aspalathus linearis.