Honeybush Mango Tea 50g (20 tea bags)

Honeybush Mango Tea 50g (20 tea bags)

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The Honeybush shrub only grows in specific places in the fynbos biome of the Western and Eastern Cape. During the flowering period in spring (September to October), the bushes are easily recognised covered with distinctive, deep-yellow flowers, which have a characteristic sweet honey scent.

The Honeybush plants are harvested by hand throughout the year. Their leaves and stems are then cut, fermented and dried to produce a pleasant, mildly sweet and highly aromatic tea with an impressive variety of health promoting properties.


Honeybush (Cyclopia spp.), Natural Mango flavour

Endorsements: Halaal, Kosher

Health benefits

  • Contains several known phytoestrogens. These plant compounds bind to the oestrogen receptors in the body and can imitate the effects of human oestrogen. Honeybush could therefore help to relieve menopause-related symptoms and protect post-menopausal women against cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis.
  • Contains anti-carcinogens that are extremely beneficial in aiding the prevention of cancer and antioxidants, known to slow down the aging process.
  • Contains no caffeine, which makes it the perfect bedtime beverage, ensuring a calm, restful night’s sleep
  • Contains minerals such as iron (essential for the transport of oxygen in the blood), potassium (necessary for the metabolic process), calcium (for strong teeth and bones), zinc (necessary for normal growth and development of healthy skin) and magnesium (necessary for a healthy nervous system and metabolic processes).
  • Honeybush is extremely low in tannin. Tannin is known to inhibit mineral absorption, particularly iron.
  • Aids in the soothing of coughs and respiratory infections or disorders.
  • Anecdotal evidence that Honeybush has an allergy-reducing effect.