Ouma Hanna's Boerseep/Soap

Ouma Hanna's Boerseep

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Ouma Hanna's Boerseep – gentle on the skin and environment 

  • 100% natural handmade soap, no additives
  • size 40mm x 60mm x 80mm
  • made using a traditional cold-water method 
  • the soap is aged after it is made, making it hard and long lasting


Lye water, beef-& sheep tallow

How to use

Boerseep is a versatile ALL purpose cleaner, effective in cold and hot water. It is especially suitable for washing white clothes and fat stains and other stubborn stains. After you have generously applied the soap, let it soak overnight and then wash in washing machine. Use it on carpets, curtains, tiles, walls, baths, showers, stoves, windows, upholstered furniture, etc. Boerseep even removes sticky price stickers on glass bottles.  In the bathroom it replaces the body soap, face soap, shaving cream and shampoo. It brings relief for sensitive and dry areas on the skin. Wash your dog with Boerseep; it moisturises their skin and remove odours.

Every generation of the Louw family has been involved in the making of cold-water soap. Grandmother “Ouma Duifie” made this soap on the Elandsoog farm based in the Middelpos district. She taught her daughter Johanna Louw, also known as “Ouma Hanna”, the finer art of making cold water soap and the next generation has now joined the “LOUW soap-making team”.