Daikon 500g

Daikon 500g

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What Is Daikon?

Daikon (also known as Japanese radish and Chinese radish) is a winter radish that's native to East Asia. The word "daikon" comes from the Japanese word for "big root." It's also common in South Asian cuisines (where it's known as mooli).

The root veggie, which usually resembles a large white carrot, is subtly sweet and slightly spicy. It has a mild flavour that mellows even more when cooked. When it's eaten raw, it's delightfully crunchy. When it's cooked, it becomes soft and tender. 

This versatile veggie has a variety of delicious uses:

Daikon can be served raw or cooked. It is often peeled before use, but the skin is edible and peeling is optional. Daikon can be thinly sliced for a garnish or pickling, diced for cooking, or grated for pickling or used in baked goods and savoury dishes.

Toss raw daikon with salad or slaw. You can also slice daikon and use it to top sandwiches or toast. Wherever you add raw daikon, it'll add mild flavour and a welcome crunch. Throw it into a stir-fry with your favourite meats and veggies for dinner.