Happy Earth People Chickpea Pasta 250g

Happy Earth People

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Happy Earth People Chickpea fusilli is made from nothing but 100% pure chickpeas. The high protein and fiber content provide you with steady and sustained plant-powered energy. With just a 6 minute cooking time and a scrumptious nutty flavour –  you’re bound to want to keep these in your kitchen cupboard!

Why so happy?

  • Free from gluten, grain and nut, sugar, soya, GMOs
  • High Fibre and Protein
  • 100% Vegan
  • Source of Omega 3


100% Chickpeas

Happy Earth People use non-certified organically grown chickpeas lentils and are constantly on the hunt for locally grown legumes

Extra Info

  • 250g packet serves 4
  • Packaging entirely biodegradable
  • Legumes are water-efficient and help keep the soil fertile and healthy
  • Endorsements: South African Vegan Society, Halaal, Kosher

Allergens: Legumes

Cooking Instructions

Add the pasta to rapidly boiling, salted water. Cook for 6-8 minutes until al dente (depending on stove and preference) and voilà! Enjoy with your favourite sauces, veggies and accompaniments.