Pasta Factory Butternut Ravioli Frozen 500g

Pasta Factory Butternut Ravioli Frozen 500g

Pasta Factory

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Pasta Factory - Frozen Filled Pasta

The Past Factory – a Cape Town business – specializes in the production of quality Italian pasta made only from the finest Italian Durum Wheat Semolina flour.

Butternut Ravioli - Square Pasta parcels filled with butternut and ricotta


Wheat flour, durum wheat semolina flour, eggs, water, butternut, ricotta, feta,

Compound ingredients: Butternut contains - onions, pea fibre, sugar, butter, sunflower oil, salt white pepper, fresh sage, cinnamon, ginger, preservatives: potassium sorbate, ascorbic acid, Ricotta contains - cow's milk, salt, citric acid, Feta contains - skim milk, hydrogenated vegetable fat (palm kernel), salt, cheese culture, vegetable rennet. 

Serving suggestion

Can be cooked from frozen. Ideal for a quick meal with your favourite sauce and freshly grated parmesan cheese. 

Storage Instructions

3 months frozen (below -12°C) Once opened, use within 3 days