SCHOON Country Loaf Sliced (frozen) 600g

SCHOON Country Loaf Sliced (frozen) 600g


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SCHOON bakery specialises in wood fired natural fermentation bread baking. 

With a mission to put good bread back on the table, SCHOON follows traditional time-honoured artisan methods across farming, milling & baking to create breads and pastries that nourish the body and soul.

Schoon Country Loaf 

A sandwich loaf for the daily bread bin. A white & whole wheat sourdough bread made with stoneground flour that accentuates the creamy flavours of wheat & brings back memories of how real bread was once made.

Country Loaf Ingredients

White stone ground wheat flour (gluten) (91%), whole wheat flour (gluten) (6%), salt, yeast


We supply SCHOON’S bread freshly frozen – find heat before eating instructions on packaging. It is as easy as coating the bread with water and warming in oven at 200 oC for 10 minutes (see instructions for each bread). Out comes your freshly baked SCHOON bread!